Save over 1 hour per day on safety reports

We’ve saved thousands of dollars per month on safety reporting, and I can sleep soundly knowing we’re prepared for anything the field can throw at us.”

“As we grow and our territory expands, we are able to report and review remotely to ensure that information and preventative measures are well received by all of our crews and managers.”

Joe Marrone, Miller Brothers

Every day, your foremen complete a safety review (JHA/JSA) on paper.

It could be illegible. It could get lost. Or, it simply might not be available when there’s an accident. When you need it most.

With Voyager Safety, you’re covered.

Enter safety reports on any iOS or Android device.

Customize any field in the report.

Print professional PDF reports for storage or distribution to 3rd parties.

Pull up any version of a report showing all the changes ever made.

Add special fields for internal auditing only.

Review and approve every report that gets created.

Receive an email alert any time a change is made.

Avoid Litigation

Comprehensive documentation is essential to mounting an effective legal defense in the event of an incident. Reports should be collected early and often, preferably daily by a foreman. Hazards need to be identified, and disputes with subcontractors should be rectified before misfortune has the chance to strike.

Get operational visibility

Mistakes that do not surface until late in a project’s lifespan can be devastatingly costly. Having an effective documentation system allows project managers to spot inefficiencies earlier, and prevent mistakes from being made. Data is always in the same place, organized by job and date filed, so there is no work on their part to organize the data themselves.

Cost Breakdown